Voices of Loving Kindness

Voices of Loving Kindness (VoLKs) promote the message of kindness to different communities through pro-social initiatives.

2018 Honorees

Alfred George

Full-time entertainer and advocate for Kindness, Alfred George makes it a point to start and end his gigs with a kindness-related slogan. At times, he too sings Kindness Songs produced by the Singapore Kindness Movement.

Spread kindness through music! Follow the "Kindness SG" playlist on Spotify specially curated by Alfred.

Farhan Firdaus

Besides being a professional speaker, businessman and community leader, Farhan is also co-founder of a youth volunteer society. He runs an overseas school for street children and mentors youths of all backgrounds, in the areas of career-coaching and entrepreneurship.

Farhan believes that volunteerism should be part of the Singaporean lifestyle as “a life lived for others is a life well lived”.

James Suresh

“When we begin to think of each other as friends, it becomes natural to care for and help each other.” In the spirit of building neighbourly ties, continuing the 19-year-old tradition of The Big Makan is James Suresh...

Moses Lim

"Kindness passes on best when it is embodied in and demonstrated through the everyday human interactions we encounter. With more than 30 years in the food & entertainment industry, Moses Lim shares the power of a smile - a simple gesture of kindness yet one that conveys appreciation without having to say it out in words.