Kiss92 Office Radio Invasion

Kiss92 DJ’s could be coming down to your office to play a sure-win game of spin-the-wheel with lots of great prizes to be won! Simply share an act of kindness that you have received or seen at your workplace on Kiss92’s Facebook page. It could be as simple as your colleague holding the door for you when your hands are full!

Send a yellow gerbera

Send sunnier smiles with a yellow gerbera this Kindness Day SG 2017! Participating florists will be encouraging customers to show appreciation through gifting yellow gerberas. The yellow gerbera is a symbol of appreciation and the perfect way to send love and show gratitude to people you treasure.

You can also send a digital daisy on social media with our photo app.

Submit your answer for ‘The Garden of Gratitude’

Aside from being a perfect photo spot, Singas are hidden within this maze of daisies! Count the number of Singas inside ‘The Garden of Gratitude’ by 30th June 2017 to win Singa premiums. Winners will be notified via email by 7th July 2017.

Ground Up Movements

Over the years, many informal and self-organised groups have approached SKM to seek support for their self-initiated voluntary projects. These groups are affectionately called the Ground-up Movements (GUMs). Their projects promote the message of kindness to different communities or address more specific social issues. Check out our latest group of GUMs to be inducted into the Kindred Spirit Circle!

Corporate Kit

Our theme for 2017 is “Kindness, it’s up to us”. The choice to bring out our innate kindness always lies with every one of us. To achieve consistency in messaging and help you kick start your organization’s programme for your participation in Kindness Day SG, we have created this starter kit with information that will guide your organization in aligning your Kindness Day SG messaging to that of Singapore Kindness Movement’s.

Windmill Craft Daisy

Do you have someone or a situation that you are thankful for but you don't know how to thank the person? Simply fold our windmill craft daisy and give it to him/her to show your appreciation!

Talk Away Box

Chances are, you spend most of your waking moments (and even some of your unconscious ones) tethered to your smartphone. The Talk Away Box, is a self-assembled box aim to put a pause on daily distractions and make meaningful connections.

Be it in the meeting rooms, at a celebratory occasion with your team or at the pantry over lunch, the Talk Away Box, is the perfect tool to put away your phones and be present.

Contact Us

We would like to invite your organization to send any photos of your staff’s participation in any of the suggested activities to [email protected] to allow us to also inform the public about your corporate culture and contribution to the society.

To spread the word and invite more people, we will use a number of platforms to publicise the celebration event and the activities, including the charity works and kindness initiatives carried out by you and your employees. Should you need any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

Do note that items are in limited quantity and are given on a first-come-first-served basis.